Carto Cauldron

A stew of maps of all types and many sources. I tend to have a nostalgic relationship with antique maps and a youthful attraction to data rich modern maps. This page is a collection of all of them plus any other maps that either tell stories or demonstrate the latest in technical advances in the art of cartography.


Here's an interesting take on the job sector from NewGeography ( According to this map and the underlying data, Virginia and Maryland lead the nation is concentration of highly technical, scientific and professional jobs. I'm sure good candidates for cause would be defense contractors and federal government civil workers. A good guess would have been Massachusetts but it looks like it's just too far outside the Pentagon's buffer zone.


I refer to this map often when considering future developments in the US such as the high speed rail projects. It displays a prediction of “mega-regions” and their hinterlands. For more maps and information, visit the site at

US Megaregions 2050


One of my favorite types of maps is the day and night map that is very common nowadays. Satellites reveal just how lit up the earth is at night while simultaneously indicating levels of development and infrastructure. If you peer closer you can see transport network links in the US and Europe. This map is from one of my favorite sites,

Map showing day and night parts of the world

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