Gomberg’s infamous “New World Order” map 1942

During the height of World War II, the new world order was being crafted. It assumed the new superpowers that would be taking the world stage after the war. In concert, these superpowers would ensure that the world would achieve “permanent peace, freedom, justice, security and world reconstruction.”

While the map suggests how the world should be aligned, it is neither authoritative nor published by a government entity. Surprisingly, this well known work was the product of an individual who shared his views with the public with the aid of a map. He promoted the map through advertisements and it received a lot of attention. Later it would be referred to as an indication of the real intentions of the superpowers. Could this happen today? Sharing one’s views through mapping is prevalent but the possibility of being mistaken as authoritative might be a long shot.

Gomberg’s infamous “New World Order” map 1942.

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